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Family Resources

Each week we will provide videos and lessons for your preschool, elementary and pre-teen kids. Watch the videos with your kids, talk through the lesson with them, and download the God-time cards to use throughout the week!

Kids easter jam

This year, Easter will look different—way different than any of us ever could have imagined. For many of us, Easter has always meant massive Easter egg hunts, family gatherings, going to church, and dressing up in our best. But for the first time in our personal histories, we won’t get to physically join with others outside our homes to celebrate one of the most important traditions of our faith.

So, how do you create a meaningful Easter experience for you and your family when you can’t even leave your homes?

We invite you to check out Easter Jam—a fun, interactive, online experience for families with kids and teenagers of all ages. It even includes games like the Peep-Jousting Face Off and the Sock-Ball Challenge—all planned so families can participate with supplies they already have at home. Easter Jam is an incredible addition to our church's Easter services and kids Easter resources! 

Everything you need to know, including a link to the video, is included in this FREE PDF download.

This Easter some of you may have the opportunity to lead your kids into a relationship with Jesus! CLICK HERE to download a salvation conversation guide to help you with this big step in your child's life.